Medical Billing

Medical Billing

There are many obstacles to receiving fair and timely payments for services provided by emergency rooms and urgent care facilities. At Sorelle Healthcare, we use our years of experience to help navigate those obstacles. Take a look at how Sorelle Healthcare’s medical billing services could be beneficial to both emergency room and urgent care facilities.

We will not accept underpayments and will do whatever is necessary to communicate with insurance companies for fair compensation for all services. Insurance companies often believe that they can get away with making the smallest payment possible; however, we are aware that they are often obligated to supply a more substantial payment. The team at Sorelle Healthcare will be at your side until there are sufficient measures in place legally and legislatively to guarantee appropriate compensation for physician care, urgent care, and emergency rooms.

There are numerous advantages we offer to these types of facilities. Practice management software is provided at no cost. We want to help emergency room and urgent care facilities in the most convenient way possible, which is why we work to provide these services at no extra cost.

We provide daily electronic charge submission, and we have the ability to interface with most electronic medical records. There is assistance with insurance verification, patient statements, and comprehensive reporting. These services help to ensure that emergency room and urgent care facilities get the payments they deserve for provided services.

Perhaps most importantly, we provide aggressive claim tracking, and denial follow up. Cashflow is very important to facilities in order to provide high levels of care. Our experience in dealing with insurance companies assures you that you will be paid promptly and fairly for all services provided. That way you can continue to provide high-quality care to your patients, which we know is your top priority.

There are no upfront fees and no long-term contracts. We offer our experience and personalized customer service to become your trusted partner. Contact one of Sorelle Healthcare’s billing specialists today for more information about how Sorelle Healthcare can benefit emergency room and urgent care facilities.

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